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Fundamental research in pure and applied sciences is a driving force for innovation and it encourages curiosity. [...] No country can excel in fundamental research on its own - it requires collaboration between universities and research centers in the north and in the south, and in almost all cases fundamental research is undertaken by teams of international scientists and engineers.1

The ALGANT-DOC doctoral program, set up by the ALGANT consortium, is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high level research in pure mathematics, leading to a double and/or joint doctor degree, prepared under joint supervision at a minimum of two partner institutions. With ALGANT-DOC, the doctoral candidates will acquire the expertise and skills needed to pursue a career at the highest academic level.

ALGANT-DOC started as a programme under the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program, financed by the European Commission. Nowadays, the ALGANT-DOC programme is a self-reliant programme, managed by the ALGANT consortium. The ALGANT-DOC programme is now known all over the world for its academic quality and outstanding cooperation between participating universities.

Every year, a number of research projects are advertised, for which DOC candidates are able to apply. A characteristic of these research projects is that they are developed by (at least) 2 different supervisors, from (at least) 2 different universities participating in ALGANT-DOC. A DOC candidate will work on his/her research for 3 years, under the supervision of both supervisors. The research and supervision will take place at the univerisities of the supervisors, meaning each DOC candidate will have a mobility scheme. After 3 years, when the research is finished, the DOC candidate defenses his/her research for a commision involving both supervisors and will receive a double and/or joint diploma. One of the universities of the supervisors involved will serve as the first university of admission.

The consortium here publishes their research projects open for application. Candidates may also submit their own research project proposal, but must make contact with potential supervisors before applying to the program. The deadline for application is mentioned on top of this page.

Thirty seven ALGANT Ph.D. Projects have been started since 2010, some DOC-candidates have already obtained their degree.

ALGANT Doctorate Program contact information

Coordinator ALGANT Doctorate Program: dr. Vincent Koziarz & Deborah Didio
e-mail : 

1 Innovation and society (a report by Goolam Mohamedbhai), G8-UNESCO World Forum on Education, Research and Innovation: New Partnership for Sustainable Development (Trieste, Italy, 10-12 May 2007).