Andreas Enge

Dr. habil. Andreas Enge (円家)
Research Director
Head of research team Lfant
INRIA Bordeaux–Sud-Ouest & IMB
200, avenue de la Vieille Tour
33405 Talence cedex
Phone: +33 5 4000 61 12
Office: 371, 3rd floor of the IMB math building
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ECC 2015 will be held in Bordeaux, and preparations are starting.

My ERC project ANTICS has a web page that populates itself with links to preprints extracted from HAL. Neat!

The page with practical information for visitors to INRIA and new collaborators is online.

I just signed the boycott of working for Elsevier, see Timothy Gowers's blog post.

Conference in honour of Dieter Jungnickel's 60th birthday