LabEx CPU, Université de Bordeaux

WP6 - Codes, Cryptologie, Algorithmique Arithmétique

Description du Projet

This project adresses theoretical and practical issues in communications. The need for protection of information against the action of adversary and non adversary channels has motivated research in many areas of mathematics and computer science. Our joint expertise in algorithmic number theory, coding theory , cryptography and graph theory, meet the needs of many issues in digital communications.


Christine Bachoc, Professeure, IMB
Andreas Enge, Directeur de Recherche, INRIA
Arnaud Pêcher, Professeur, LABRI


Bill Allombert
Christine Bachoc
Karim Belabas
Guilhem Castagnos
Jean-Paul Cerri
Marie-Line Chabanol
Renaud Coulangeon
Jean-Marc Couveignes
Paul Dorbec
Charles Dossal
Andreas Enge
Valentin Féray
Philippe Jaming
Ralf Klasing
Fabien Pazuki
Arnaud Pêcher
André Raspaud
Gaël Rémond
Damien Robert
Eric Sopena
Alain Thiéry
Gilles Zémor

Groupe de travail