Probabilistic Patch-Based filter (PPB)

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Description of the filter

Algorithme NL means
The NL means algorithm computes the mean for all pixel s of the values of the pixels t weighted with respect to the similarity between two windows centered respectively on s and t

Qualitative Evaluation of the Denoising Algorithms

lena: awgn_noisy(a)
lena: awgn_bm3d(b)
lena: awgn_ppbit25(c)
(a) From top to bottom, corrupted images of Lena, by an additive WGN with standard deviation σ = 40. Denoised images using (a) Noisy (b) BM3D (c) PPB 25 it.
lena: mgsn_noisy(a)
lena: mgsn_newwavmap(b)
lena: mgsn_ppbit25(c)
(a) From top to bottom, corrupted images of Lena, by a multiplicative GSN with equivalent number of looks L = 3. Denoised images using (a) Noisy (b) MAP-UWD-S (c) PPB 25 it.
bayard_L1: mgsn_noisy(a)
bayard_L1: mgsn_newwavmap(b)
bayard_L1: mgsn_ppbit25(c)
(a) From top to bottom, SAR images of Bayard ©DGA ©ONERA, by a multiplicative GSN with equivalent number of looks L = 3. Denoised images using (a) Noisy (b) MAP-UWD-S (c) PPB 25 it.

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Synthetic images:
Noise-free image:
Additive WGN:
Multiplicative GSN:
Real SAR images:
Noisy image:
Denoising methods:
Additive WGN:
Multiplicative GSN:

Quantitative Evaluation of the Denoising Algorithms

SNR values of estimated images using different denoising methods for images corrupted by (left) an additive WGN with different standard deviations and by (right) a multiplicative Goodman's speckle noise with different equivalent number of looks
σ = 10 σ = 20 σ = 40 σ = 60
Noisy image 14.738.8043.0900.043
BLS-GSM 19.7315.7611.549.083
K-SVD 21.0217.4313.019.285
BM3D 21.4818.3814.5912.14
NL means19.8516.9712.8510.24
PPB 25 it 18.6915.9613.4910.99
Noisy image 13.417.4241.627-1.490
BLS-GSM 18.7315.6012.099.548
K-SVD 18.8715.6211.789.039
BM3D 19.0916.0912.8310.55
NL means17.5914.6311.068.959
PPB 25 it 17.1914.5111.63 9.503
Noisy image 13.277.2631.445-1.617
BLS-GSM 20.5317.7314.2811.52
K-SVD 21.1518.3114.3610.22
BM3D 21.7718.9415.7813.28
NL means20.2517.5513.3310.40
PPB 25 it 19.5917.0314.2011.57
Noisy image 13.597.5971.814-1.251
BLS-GSM 20.6717.6614.4811.69
K-SVD 20.9317.8114.1811.09
BM3D 21.2718.4215.3313.05
NL means20.1217.1013.6611.33
PPB 25 it 19.5016.9014.2011.99
L = 1 L = 2 L = 4 L = 16
Noisy image-1.0901.6944.61110.57
Kuan 6.9378.48910.1914.41
WIN-SAR 8.81910.4812.0415.82
LLMMSE-UWD 9.07210.8312.6716.75
MAP-UWD 9.30110.7312.7517.00
MAP-UWD-S 9.64511.4413.2816.93
PPB non-it. 9.78511.8814.0517.83
PPB 25 it 10.5812.5113.9816.59
Noisy image -2.992-0.1792.6968.667
Kuan 6.1717.9509.79613.77
WIN-SAR 8.56810.6512.1415.17
LLMMSE-UWD 8.20410.0311.7115.45
MAP-UWD 9.27210.7812.1815.74
MAP-UWD-S 9.25710.6812.3115.71
PPB non-it. 8.70810.4912.2215.33
PPB 25 it 9.42610.9112.2515.10
Noisy image -3.549-0.7602.1138.096
Kuan 5.9467.8409.71213.89
WIN-SAR 8.68911.4213.1516.24
LLMMSE-UWD 8.19110.2612.1516.35
MAP-UWD 10.2211.9013.4917.07
MAP-UWD-S 10.3411.9713.7217.24
PPB non-it. 9.06411.6114.2918.27
PPB 25 it. 10.4612.9814.5017.42
Noisy image -2.4490.3433.2499.188
Kuan 7.3509.20111.2215.54
WIN-SAR 10.3513.0014.7217.90
LLMMSE-UWD 9.77511.8113.7517.80
MAP-UWD 11.7113.3014.9918.47
MAP-UWD-S 11.8713.5315.1418.65
PPB non-it. 11.0513.2015.1818.61
PPB 25 it. 12.1613.9515.2518.10

PPB software

Download the PPB filter

We recommend to use the more recent NL-SAR technique for speckle noise reduction (available here: NL-SAR)


These pieces of Matlab software are based on C++ Mex-Functions compiled for Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit and Windows 32 bit. Matlab script exemples are given, they have been written for MATLAB with the Image Processing Toolbox (to load the images). Please refer to the REAME file for more details. For any comment, suggestion or question please contact Charles-Alban Deledalle at deledalle (at) telecom-paristech (dot) fr.



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