François Vanderbeck

François Vanderbeck is a Professor in Operations Research at the University of Bordeaux . He is a member of the Mathematics Institute of Bordeaux and animates an INRIA research team named "RealOpt" at INRIA Bordeaux . Before that, he was a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge in the Engineering Department.

François holds an Engineering Degree in Applied Mathematics (from UCL), a Master Degree in Operations Research (from MIT , ORC). He did his Ph.D. in Operations Research at the Centre for Operations Research and Econometric (CORE, UCL) under the direction of Professor Laurence A. wolsey.

His research is in integer programming pppraoches to combinatorial optimisation. He develops reformulation and decomposition methods so as to takle large scale applications arising in planning, scheduling, logistics and routing problems, as well as cutting and packing problems, or production and inventory control.

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