Guillaume Marques

PhD student at Université de Bordeaux

I am currently a first-year PhD student under the supervision of Rémy Dupas and François Vanderbeck.

Sep.16 to Aug.17
Research & Development Engineer

Development of the modeling interface in Julia for the BaPCod framework. Main contributor of the BlockDecomposition.jl package.

Team RealOpt (Inria & IMB) - Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
Feb.16 to Jun.16
Master Thesis

"Subgradient algorithm and column generation", under the supervision of François Vanderbeck.

Team RealOpt (Inria & IMB) - Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
Automne 2017
  • M2 GILOG - Cours/TD/TP Modélisation et Système d'information
  • M1 GILOG - Cours/TD Modélisation et Gestion d'Entreprise
  • M1 GILOG - TP/Jeux Amélioration Continue