Real zeros and size of Rankin-Selberg






Published in Duke Mathematical Journal, Vol. 131, No. 2 (2006), 291--350.

Received 7 September 2004.

Revision received 20 February 2005.




In this paper, some asymptotic formula is proved for the harmonic mollified second moment of a family of Rankin-Selberg L-functions.


The main contribution is a substancial improvement of the admissible length of the mollifier which is done by solving a shifted convolution problem by a spectral method on average.


Consequences :


       new subconvexity bound,

       exponential decay of the analytic rank,

       non-vanishing result around the real axis. RSzerospdf.pdf


You can find the files vg.mws, cte.mws, ctemumubar.mws and inte.mws on the page of my thesis.


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