Second Cargese Workshop In Combinatorial Optimization


An international Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization will be held at the ‘Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese’, Corsica, France, on July 25-30, 2011 This second workshop aims to bring together researchers in combinatorial optimization with special interest in rounding techniques.

It is intended to be a forum for the exchange of recent theoretical developments, for the dissemination of powerful theoretical tools and for the discussion of new trends and open problems. This should serve as a catalyzer to stimulate new collaboration between the participants. 

The workshop will have about 30 to 35 participants, including PhD students. The participation is strictly restricted to invited persons. There will be morning and afternoon sessions. Morning sessions will be dedicated to long talks surveying recent developments in the field, classical tools and methodologies or interesting open problems. The afternoon sessions will be dedicated to open discussions around the topic addressed in the morning as well as short talks on related questions. In their spare time, we encourage researchers to enjoy the beautiful landscape and opportunities of the island (beside solving a few open questions).

Previous editions : Cargese 2010



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