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This the home of the CUBIC software. The program computes a list of (isomorphism classes of) cubic number fields of bounded discriminant. I wrote this program back in 1995-96 as a toy project, rewrote it in 2003 for a different project involving the 3-ranks of quadratic fields, and eventually made it publicly available in 2009. The current version requires a fairly recent version of the PARI/GP library. I no longer work on this or related projects but I update the code from time to time when the PARI interface changes, and I will try to fix bugs if you find and report them. Have fun !

[Download] (version 1.3)

The README file
CUBIC, vestion 1.3.

0) Prerequisite: make sure the PARI/GP library is installed on your system

1) Configuration: the default Makefile, assumes that your PARI/GP library
is recent (e.g. 2.9.0), was compiled with gmp, and is installed in the standard
location. As would be produced by the standard procedure
  ./Configure && make install
Have a look at the numbered configuration options at the top of 'Makefile';
modify if your installation is non-standard.

2) Compilation: simply type


This will produce two binaries :
  cubic-noprint: only *count* the fields
  cubic        : also *output* the fields (about ten times slower).

3) Usage: both binaries use the same syntax, with a single argument
describing a range of discriminants. Restriction: the discriminants
considered must all have the same signs.

  1000          : discriminants in [0, 1000]
  -1000         : discriminants in [-1000, 0]
  [1000, 2000]  : discriminants in [1000, 2000]
  [-2000, -1000]: discriminants in [-2000, -1000]
  [-2000, 2000] : FORBIDDEN (different signs!)
  [58343207081] : discriminants EXACTLY 58343207081

You may use any arithmetic expression in the GP language provided it is
enclosed within quotes:

  ./cubic-noprint "2*10^10"

Extra Flags:
  -g : be increasingly verbose [ default: 0 ]

4) References

Author: Karim Belabas, IMB (UMR 5251)
  Univ. Bordeaux, 351 cours de la Liberation, F-33405 Talence (France)

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5) License:

This software (the 'cubic' package) is released under the GNU General Public
License (version 2 or above at your convenience). It is free software,
covered by the GNU General Public License, and comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY

PARI/GP is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License.

6) Version history:
CUBIC, v1.3, 25/07/2016: update for pari-2.9
CUBIC, v1.2, 22/07/2011: remove most 'printf'
CUBIC, v1.1, 22/06/2011: fix Makefile, improve README.
CUBIC, v1.0, 15/07/2009: initial public release (stable version).

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