I am a third year PhD student at the Université de Bordeaux. My research interests are in mathematical physics, especially Schrödinger operators, and currently Mourre theory. I am supervised by Sylvain Golénia and my graduation is at the end of this summer.

I have a Masters in Mathematics from McGill University under the supervision of Vojkan Jaksic. Here is the Masters thesis.


  • S. Golénia, M. Mandich. "Propagation estimates in the one-commutator theory", submitted (2017). preprint pdf.
  • M. Mandich. ''Sub-exponential lower bounds for embedded eigenfunctions of some discrete Schrödinger operators'', submitted (2016). preprint pdf.
  • M. Mandich. ''The limiting absorption principle for the discrete Wigner-von Neumann operator'', J. Funct. Anal., (2016). preprint pdf.