Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux
 351 Cours de la Libération
 33405 TALENCE Cedex, France
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Phone : +33 5 40 00 21 16
Office : 251

CNRS Researcher


Optimal Transport

  • Approximate Wasserstein distance. Matlab/c++ implementation of "Approximate Wasserstein distance with Transshipment"

  • Rot Mover's Distances. Matlab implementation of "Regularized Optimal Transport and the ROT Mover's Distance" (with A. Dessein and J.-L. Rouas)

  • Wasserstein Geodesic PCA. Matlab implementation of "Log-PCA versus Geodesic PCA of histograms in the Wasserstein space" (with E. Cazelles, V. Seguy, J. Bigot and M. Cuturi).

  • Overrelaxed Sinkhorn-Knopp algorithm. Matlab implementation of "Overrelaxed Sinkhorn-Knopp Algorithm for Regularized Optimal Transport" (with A. Thibault, L. Chizat and C. Dossal).

  • Color Transfer between images. Matlab implementation of "Non-convex relaxation of optimal transport for color transfer" (with J. Rabin).

  • Discrete Optimal transport. Matlab implementation of "Regularized Discrete Optimal Transport" (with S. Ferradans, G. Peyré, J.-F. Aujol).

  • Continuous Optimal transport. Matlab implementation of "Optimal Transport with Proximal Splitting" (with G. Peyré, E. Oudet).

Image processing

  • Refitting. Matlab implementation of "Refitting solutions promoted by l_12 sparse analysis regularization with block penalties" (with C. Deledalle, J. Salmon and S. Vaiter).

  • Superpixels. Matlab toolbox for Superpixels (with R. Giraud and V.-T. Ta).

  • Colociel software for colorization of grayscale images. Matlab implementation of "Luminance-chrominance Model for Image Colorization" (with F. Pierre, J.F. Aujol, A. Bugeau and V.-T. Ta).

  • Histogram-based Image segmentation. Matlab implementation of "A convex formulation for global histogram based binary segmentation" (with R. Yildizoglu, J.-F. Aujol, J. Rabin).

  • Tracking. C++ implementation of "Tracking with occlusions via graph cuts" (with A. Bugeau). Sample data to test: PETS (part1, part2) Wakeboarder (part1, part2, part3)

  • Histogram transfer. QT graphic interface using CImg library with default parameters. Implementation of "A variational model for histogram transfer of color images" (with E. Provenzi and V. Caselles).