Workshop on Population Dynamics


Mathematical Biology

CIRM Luminy, France, June 16-20 2008

Useful Information

Purpose: The goal of this workshop is to bring together specialists from different fields to discuss recent progress in Population Dynamics and Mathematical Biology focusing on the qualitative analysis of structured population models, with regards to pattern formation, front propagation, and bifurcation phenomena. Special attention will be given to applications in the  spread and control of epidemic diseases, invasion and persistence in ecological systems as well as in biomedical and cancer modeling.

Participation: Participation is by invitation in general. However, any researcher (especially graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s) active in this field and interested in attending the workshop is encouraged to contact one of the organizers:

Scientific Committee:

  • Michel Langlais (Univ. Bordeaux 2, France)

  • Pierre Magal (Univ. Le Havre, France)

  • Shigui Ruan (Univ. Miami, USA)

  • Glenn Webb (Vanderbilt Univ., USA)