Opening Workshop: "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows"

Kirchzarten (Schwarzwald)
Novermber 16-18, 2005

Topics and Objectives:

The aim of the research group "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows" is the investigation of liquid-vapour flows, in particular the development of new more efficient and accurate software tools and the improvement of existing tools for simulations. Vapour together with liquid phases occur in many applications like cavitation problems, two phase flow in micro devices, cooling and boiling processes and breakup of liquid jets. Since e.g. turbine blades and ship propellers can be destroyed by cavitation this research is of high industrial interest.
An important and necessary issue in this project is the interdisciplinary cooperation between mathematicians  and engineers on the one hand and the cooperation between French and German groups on the other hand. The first issue is of vital importance since mathematicians need information about relevant and realistic models, about valid regimes for different models, the access to experimental data, and characteristic behaviour of solutions. Furthermore, engineers will benefit from modern and efficient techniques for acceleration of numerical algorithms (multigrid, adaptivity in space and time), their mathematical justification, rigorous results for model problems, and the construction of exact solutions for benchmarking.

Invited Speakers:

The following researchers have confirmed to deliver plenary lectures

Sylvie Benzoni-Gavage (Université Claude Bernard, Lyon)

Wolfgang Dreyer (WIAS, Berlin)

Didier Jamet (Commissariat al'Energie Atomique, Grenoble)

Hans Wilhelm Alt (Universität Bonn)

Thomas Kurz (Göttingen)


Begin November, 16 at 12:00h
End November, 18 at 13:00h

The (preliminary) program.

Financial Support:

DFG-CNRS research unit 563 "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows"

Call for Contributions:

The program of the workshop will include the plenary lectures and 30-minutes contributed lectures. Participants are invited to present their research results in the contributed sessions. They are kindly requested to send a short abstract (approx. 200 words) of their talk. The organizing committee will then decide about acceptance.

Workshop Fee: 

The workshop fee is 68 € payable at the registration desk. It includes lunch (3x), dinner (2x), and refreshments.


Kirchzarten is a small Black Forest town in the valley of the river Dreisam. It can be reached in twenty minutes by train from Freiburg. http://www.dreisamtal.de or http://www.freiburg.de)

The workshop will take place in the "Kurhaus":

Dietenbacherstr. 22
79199 Kirchzarten
Tel: 07661/5223

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