Bases mathématiques pour les sciences.

The course is meant to give to a heterogeneous audience of first year students the mathematical tools which are necessary in any scientific bachelor degree: rudiments of logic, set theory, basic linear algebra, notions of real and complex numbers, calculus in one real variable and examples of differential equations.

Coloration mathématique.

The course is aimed at first year students willing to pursue a degree in Mathematics. The studied topics (which include sequences of real numbers, functions between sets and equivalence relations) are then treated in details and completeness of proofs.

Mathématiques pour la Biologie.

The goal of the course is to get the students familiar with differential calculus in one variable. The program includes the treatment of continuity, derivation and integration of a real function, Taylor expansion and notions of differential equations. Here are complementary documents to the classes, such as exercise sheets and tables: