Conferences and schools

  • Intercity Seminar on Arakelov Geometry, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen), September 2018
  • Masterclass: Mahler measures and special values of L-functions, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen), August 2018
  • Students' Conference on Non-Archimedean and Tropical Geometry, Universität Regensburg (Regensburg), August 2017
  • XXXèmes Journées Arithmétiques, Université de Caen (Caen), July 2017
  • Géométrie d'Arakelov et applications diophantiennes, Institut Fourier (Grenoble), June 2017
  • Algebra and Geometry Meeting, UB (Barcelona), November - December 2016
  • Arakelov Geometry: archimedean and non-archimedean aspects, Universität Regensburg (Regensburg), September 2016
  • Workshop on positivity and valuations, CRM (Barcelona), February 2016
  • Toric Methods in Geometry, Arithmetic and Dynamics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago), January 2016
  • Algebra and Geometry Meeting, UB (Barcelona), December 2015
  • Singularités et Géométrie Tropicale, Université Paris 7 (Paris), October 2015
  • Cox Rings and Mori Dream Spaces, organized by Warsaw University (Łukęcin, Poland), September 2015
  • Students' Workshop on Tropical and Non-Archimedean Geometry, Universität Regensburg (Regensburg), August 2015.
In program

Given talks

  • Heights of cycles in toric varieties, at "Intercity Seminar on Arakelov Geometry", University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen), September 2018
  • Ronkin functions and heights, at "SFB-Seminar", Universität Regensburg (Regensburg), June 2018
  • Arithmetics of one-codimensional cycles in toric varieties, at "Séminaire de Théorie des Nombres", Université de Caen (Caen), January 2018
  • Heights: where geometry, analysis and arithmetics come together, at graduate students' seminar "Séminaire des jeunes", Université de Caen (Caen), January 2018
  • Heights of hypersurfaces in toric varieties, at "Students' Conference on Non-Archimedean and Tropical Geometry", Universität Regensburg (Regensburg), August 2017
  • A formula for the height of hypersurfaces in toric varieties with respect to toric line budles equipped with semipositive toric metrics, at "XXXèmes Journées Arithmétiques", Université de Caen (Caen), July 2017
  • Something about heights, at graduate students' seminar "Seminari DAGA", Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona), December 2016
  • An invitation to tropical geometry, at graduate students' seminar "Séminaire Lambda", Université de Bordeaux (Bordeaux), June 2016
  • A trip to the tropics (What is tropical geometry?), at graduate students' seminar "Insalate di Matematica", Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (Milan), February 2016.
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Seminars and working groups

  • Trace functions over finite fields and applications, after É. Fouvry, E. Kowalski and Ph. Michel, at Université de Bordeaux
  • Potential theory on non-archimedean analytic curves, at UB (Barcelona), 2015.

Organization of events

  • I set up the DAGA seminar at UB, the graduate students' seminar at the University of Barcelona (Barcelona), during the academic year 2016-2017
  • I co-organized the first ALGANT Alumni Day (Bordeaux, 21st July, 2016), in occasion of the tenth birthday of the ALGANT master program.
In program
  • I am co-organizing the 2019 AAN Symposium to be held in Benasque, 22 - 26 May 2019.
  • Divulgation activities

    • monitor during El que diuen els nombres, "Taller de la Facultata de Matemàtiques", UB (Barcelona), November 2015.
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