First Announcement

          On the occasion of the 65th birthday of Professor Michel Mendès France the university of Bordeaux will organize an International Colloquium in September 2000 (from the 11th to 14th ). The topics of the conference will be Number Theory (analytic number theory, Diophantine approximations, uniform distribution), Combinatorics and Physics.
    Please inform us at your earliest convenience (before end of June) whether you intend to take part in the conference. The conference fee is Fr 150 to be paid at the beginning of the conference, September 11, 2000. You may find on this link (speakers) the first list of invited speakers but also more detailed informations on the program of the conference (program) and a map to find the location of the colloquium (map).
    Please let us know if you need further information (you may also see the page information) . We expect your reply, questions and suggestions by e-mail to our address: or by traditional mail to the address:

        Jean-Jacques Ruch
        Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux 1
        351, cours de la Libération
        33405 TALENCE Cedex FRANCE

    You will find a registration form on the following page: registration.

    At the same occasion the "Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux" will publish a volume dedicated to Michel Mendès France. Every person who would like to be associated to this tribute, is invited to submit an original article to the journal.

Advisory Committee: Organizing Committee:
  Pierre Cartier (chairman),   Jean-Paul Allouche (chairman),
  Anne Bertrand,    Christophe Doche,
  Jean-Marc Deshouillers,    Jean-Jacques Ruch.
  Pierre Liardet,
  Jean-François Méla,
  Michel Olivier,
  Jacques Peyrière,

This colloquium is organized by the "laboratoire de Théorie des Nombres et Algorithmique Arithmétique de l'Université Bordeaux I (A2X)" and is supported by