Théorie des nombres

Yuri F. BILU

Institut de Mathématiques

Professor of mathematics at the University of Bordeaux


Selected publications

  1. Yu. Bilu, Y. Bugeaud, M. Mignotte, The Problem of Catalan, Springer, 2014.
  2. Yu. Bilu, P. Habegger, L. Kühne, Effective bounds for singular units, IMRN, to appear; arXiv:1805.07167.
  3. Yu. Bilu, L. Kühne, Linear Equations in Singular Moduli, IMRN, to appear; arXiv:1712.04027.
  4. Yu. Bilu, J.-M. Deshouillers, S. Gun, F. Luca, Random ordering in modulus of consecutive Hecke eigenvalues of primitive forms, Compositio Math., to appear; arXiv:1701.01915.
  5. Yu. Bilu, F. Luca, Diversity in Parametric Families of Number Fields, in: C. Elsholtz, P. Grabner (eds), Number Theory - Diophantine Problems, Uniform Distribution and Applications: Festschrift in Honour of Robert F. Tichy’s 60th Birthday, 169-191, Springer, 2017.
  6. B. Allombert, Yu. Bilu, A. Pizarro-Madariaga, CM-Points on Straight Lines, in: C. Pomerance, M. Rassias (eds.), Analytic Number Theory In Honor of Helmut Maier’s 60th Birthday, 1-18, Springer, 2015.
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  17. Yu. Bilu, The (α+2β)-inequality on the torus, J. London Math. Soc. 57 (1998), 513-528.
  18. Yu. Bilu, Limit distribution of small points on algebraic tori, Duke Math. J. 89 (1997), 465-476.
  19. Yu. Bilu, G. Hanrot, Solving Thue equations of high degree, J. Number Th. 60 (1996), 373-392.
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