First announcement

We are happy to announce that the conference THUE 150 will take place in Bordeaux from September 30 to October 4, 2013.

The conference will be dedicated to 150th anniversary of Axel Thue, and the 105th anniversary of his seminal article Über Annäherungswerte algebraischer Zahlen, which determined the face of the Diophantine Approximations in the XX century,

The conference will mainly address Diophantine Geometry. However, other aspects of Thue-related mathematics (algebra, logic, etc.) may appear as well.

Many leading experts in the field already expressed their interest in participating. More information on the conference, including the list of agreed participants, can be found on the conference website:

Anybody wishing to attend is welcome to contact the organizers. We do not charge any conference fee, but at this time we cannot promise any financial support (except for the invited speakers). We will help you to find an affordable lodging in Bordeaux during the time of the conference.

See you in Bordeaux!

Pascal Autissier, Yuri Bilu, Fabien Pazuki.

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