A conference organized January 26 to January 30, 2009

R. Dubertrand (LPTMS) : modes of a laser in a chaotic stadium


The topics of this winter school will be quantum toral automorphisms, quantum chaos on compact hyperbolic surfaces and quantum chaos on quantum graphs. A particular attention will be given to interactions with arithmetic. It will mainly consist in four short courses, that will be primarily targetted at senior graduate students and post graduate students; experiences researchers are of course also welcome ! Participants will be financed (trip and accomodation) thanks to the ANR "Aspects arithmétiques des matrices aléatoires et du chaos quantique".

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  1. Introduction to quantum chaos (Arnd Baecker, ITU, Dresden)(slides.pdf)
  2. Quantum toral automorphisms (Pär Kurlberg, KTH, Stockholm)
  3. Quantum chaos on arithmetic hyperbolic surfaces :
    1. The approach of Holowinsky and Soundararajan to the Quantum Unique Ergodicity conjecture (Emmanuel Kowalski, ETH, Zurich)(based on arXiv 0809.1669, 0809.1640, 0809.1636 and 0809.1635)
    1. Lindenstrauss' result (Manfred Einsiedler, Ohio State University)
  4. Quantum chaos on quantum graphs (Jon Keating, University of Bristol)


See here.

Introductory talks

Three introductory talks are planned on the week before for Bordeaux students :
  1. Background on ergodic theory (Philippe Thieullen)
  2. Maass cusp forms and quantum unique ergodicity conjecture (Guillaume Ricotta) (scanned notes :  part1, part2, part3, part4)
  3. Quantum graphs (Marie-Line Chabanol)(slides.pdf)


Guillaume Ricotta (Bordeaux)

Marie-Line Chabanol (Bordeaux)

Stéphane  Nonnenmacher (Saclay)

Avec le soutien de l'ANR / Supported by the ANR