2019/2020 - Sciences & Technologies, Bordeaux University
  • Lecture/Exercise sessions, 2nd year Mathematics for engineers (32h): Generalized integrals, Laplace and Fourier transforms. Supervision: Ahmed Noussair.
2018/2019 - Sciences & Technologies, Bordeaux University
  • Lecture/Exercise sessions, 1st year Mathematics (36h): Sequences and series convergence, equivalence relations. Supervision: Guillaume Ricotta.

As a Teaching assistant

I was a teacher within the Math-Info UFR of Paris Descartes University during the year 2016/2017.

1st year of Licence
  • Lecture/Exercise sessions, 1st year Mathematics (24h): Integration. Supervision: Annie Raoult.
2nd year of Licence
  • Exercise sessions, Algebra (96h): Vector spaces ; Linear applications ; Endomorphism reduction ; Euclidean spaces ; Linear differential systems with constant coefficients. Supervision: Rachid Lounès.
  • Exercise sessions, Analysis (48h): Sequences and series of functions, power series, Fourier series ; Many-variable functions, integrals with parameters. Supervision: Marc Briant.
3rd year of Licence
  • Exercice and practical sessions of Numerical analysis (Scilab) (24h): Solving technics for numerical problems (theory, algorithmic, programming) ; Matrix decomposition (LU, Choleski), iterative methods. Supervision: Georges Koepfler.

As a PhD student

I was a teacher in the Physical Measures department of Orsay IUT from 2013/2014 to 2015/2016.

1st year
  • Exercise sessions, Mathematics (87h): Analysis, trigonometry, complex numbers. Geometry, differential equations. Supervision: Maximilien Lagron.
  • Practical sessions, Algorithmic (Python) (56h): Tests, loops, functions, input/output. Supervision: Sabine Marduel.
  • Lecture and practical sessions (Excel), Data analysis (6h): Statistical tools for uncertainty measure (mean, standard deviation, linear regression). Supervision: Thierry Guilbaud.
2nd year
  • Exercice sessions, Harmonic analysis and Statistics (16.5h): Basic probability & statistics. Signal representation, Fourier series decomposition. Supervision: Florence Alberge.
  • Exercice sessions, Mathematics for physics (33h): Generalized integrals, linear algebra, endomorphisms, surface integrals. Supervision: Maximilien Lagron.