Master Math, Algorithmic Number Theory (N1MA9W11) - 2014/2015

Bordeaux University   /   Mathematics

Note: Documents can differ from the ones handed in class (format change, typos). LaTeX style files [kb.sty | kbexo.sty] are needed to compile the TeX files (UTF-8 encoded).

The lectures take place on Thursdays 10am-12am and 2pm-4pm (Lamartine, salle de l'École).
First lecture on Thursday Sep. 10th.
We will be using the PARI/GP system. Here are the reference card and the GP User's guide.

Some course notes: [PDF]       The exam in [2013-2014].

Road map

Lecture 1 Algorithms, Complexity, Examples
Lecture 2 The Fast Fourier Transform and basic complexity results
Lecture 3 Z-modules/HNF
Lecture 4 Z-modules/SNF & lattices
Lecture 5 The LLL Algorithm
Lecture 6 Polynomials over finite fields (1)
Lecture 7 Polynomials over finite fields (2)


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