New Trends in Control and Stabilization: Constraints and Non-local terms

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ANR Project ANR-20-CE40-0009: TRECOS
New Trends in Control and Stabilization: Constraints and non-local terms

Project founded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche for 2021-2024.

Abstract: The goal of this project is to address new directions of research in control theory for partial differential equations, triggered by models from ecology and biology. In particular, our projet will deal with the development of new methods which will be applicable in many applications, from the treatment of cancer cells to the analysis of the thermic efficiency of buildings, and from control issues for the biological control of pests to cardiovascular fluid flows. To achieve these objectives, we will have to solve several theoretical issues in order to design efficient control methods.
We have thus targeted four main challenges:

To sum up, with this project, our goal is to reduce the gap between theory and applicative areas and make significant advances for the use of more accurate models and more efficient control designs in real life applications.

Contacts: Sylvain Ervedoza, mail: sylvain.ervedoza[at]