Ongoing and past ALGANT PhD Projects

Candidate Topic Supervisors Started Defended/Thesis
Samuele ANNI Galois representations, Shimura varieties, torsion points Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) and Pierre Parent (Bordeaux) October 2010 October 2013
Athanasios ANGELAKIS Algorithms in complex multiplication Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden) and Karim Belabas (Bordeaux) October 2010 September 2015
Farhad BABAEE GHASAMABADI Amoebas, Ronkin functions, Green currents for cycles on toric varieties Alain Yger (Bordeaux) and Andrea D'Agnolo (Padova) October 2010 July 2014
Olga BALKANOVA Kloosterman sums for GL(n) Guillaume Ricotta (Bordeaux), Andrew Granville (Montreal) and Giuseppe Molteni (Milano) October 2011 April 2015
Francesca BERGAMASCHI Displays for GO(p)-level structures and applications Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano) and Eyal Goren (Montreal) October 2012
Mai Hoan BIEN The Krull-Schmidt theorem in some classes of modules Alberto Facchini (Padova) and Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden) October 2011 May 2014
Velibor BOJKOVIC Differential equations on p-adic curves and p-adic representations of the tempered fundamental group Francesco Baldassarri (Padova) and Denis Benois (Bordeaux) October 2011 October 2015
Julio BRAU AVILA Computing Galois representations attached to elliptic curves Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden) and Karim Belabas (Bordeaux) October 2010 December 2015
Iuliana CIOCANEA TEODORESCU Algorithms for local fields Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden) and Karim Belabas (Bordeaux) October 2013
Nikola DAMJANOVIC Families of stable curves uniformized by the unit ball Vincent Koziarz (Bordeaux) and Robin de Jong (Leiden) October 2013
Maarten DERICKX Torsion points on elliptic curves over number fields of given degree Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) and Pierre Parent (Bordeaux) October 2012 September 2016
Martin DJUKANOVIC Lower bounds for heights Robin de Jong (Leiden) and Fabien Pazuki (Bordeaux) October 2012
Krysztof DOROBISZ Deformation rings of linear representations Bart de Smit (Leiden) and Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano) October 2011 April 2015
Duong Hoang DUNG Zeta functions and other aspects of profinite groups Andrea Lucchini (Padova) and Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden) October 2010 May 2013
Dino FESTI Density of rational points on K3 surfaces Ronald Van Luijk (Leiden) and Lambertus Van Geemen (Milano) October 2012 July 2016
Francesca GALA Topics in algebraic cycles and p-adic L-functions Massimo Bertolini (Milano), Henri Darmon (Montreal) and Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) October 2011
Ziyang GAO Special subvarieties of Shimura varieties Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) and Emmanuel Ullmo (Orsay) October 2012 November 2014
Alberto GIOIA The Galois closure of commutative algebras Hendrik Lenstra & Lenny Taelman (Leiden) and Boas Erez (Bordeaux) October 2010 September 2013
Albert GUNAWAN Geometric properties of group schemes in the theory of quadratic forms Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) and Qing Liu (Bordeaux) October 2012 March 2016
Guhanvenkat HARIKUMAR Iwasawa theory for supersingular motives Denis Benois (Bordeaux) and Adrian Iovita (Padova) October 2012 June 2015
Genaro HERNANDEZ MADA Comparaison between the fibers of a scheme defined over a discrete valuation ring Bruno Chiarellotto (Padova) and Adrian Iovita (Montreal) October 2011 July 2015
Ariyan JAVANPEYKAR Heights of branched coverings of arithmetic varieties Bas Edixhoven, Robin de Jong (Leiden) and Damian Rössler (Orsay) October 2010 June 2013
Pinar KILICER Arithmetic and geometry Marco Streng (Leiden) and Andreas Enge (Bordeaux) October 2012 July 2016
Junjiang LIU Applications of the subspace theorem Jan-Hendrik Evertse (Leiden) and Pascal Autissier (Bordeaux) October 2011 March 2015
Chloe MARTINDALE Isogeny graphs Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden) and Andreas Enge (Bordeaux) October 2013
Djordjo MILOVIC On 2-class groups Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden) and Etienne Fouvry (Orsay) October 2013
Diego MIRANDOLA Coding-Theoretic Aspects of Arithmetic Codices Ronald Cramer (Leiden) and Gilles Zemor (Bordeaux) October 2012 July 2015
Maxim MORNEV Flat cohmology with compact support Lenny Taelman (Leiden) and Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano) October 2013
Santosh NADIMPALLI Types and lattices in representations of GL(3; F), F a p-adic Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) and Guy Henniart (Orsay) October 2012 June 2015
Jyoti Prakash SAHA Geometry of Shimura varieties and the arithmetic properties of families of Galois representations Olivier Fouquet (Orsay) and Adrian Iovita (Montreal) October 2011
Carolina RIVERA Motivic sheaves Luca Barbieri-Vale (Milano) and Boas Erez (Bordeaux) January 2014
Andrea SIVIERO Realizable Classes for non-abelian extensions Boas Erez (Bordeaux) and Bart De Smit (Leiden) October 2010 June 2013
Gabriele SPINI Mulitparty computation and coding theory Ronald Cramer (Leiden) and Gilles Zemor (Bordeaux) October 2013
Mima STANOJKOVSKI A question from group cohomology Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden) and Andrea Lucchini (Padova) October 2013
Qijun YAN Group schemes and arithmetic Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano) and Bart de Smit (Leiden) October 2013
Chao ZHANG P-divisible groups Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano) and Bas Edixhoven (Leiden) October 2010 October 2013
Yan ZHAO Calabi Yau varieties Bert van Geemen (Milano) and Ronald van Luijk (Leiden) October 2013
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