Meeting at the ENS Lyon. March, 17-18, 2010


  • Guillaume Bonnefois [Modeling sorafenib transport inside endothelial cells]
  • Pierre Heudel [Modeling survival of tumoral glial cells exposed to photons or carbon ions irradiation]
  • Floriane Lignet [Theoretical Modeling of vascular tumor growth]
  • Clair Poignard [Electrical Modelling of Cells and Tissues ]
  • Benjamin Ribba [Modeling sunitinib action ]
  • Olivier Saut [System identification in tumour growth modeling ]
  • Aude Silve [Tissue permeabilization by micro and nano pulses: the potato model]

Meeting at the ENS Lyon. April, 9-10, 2009


Workshop on Numerical Techniques for Modelling Tumor Growth.
Bordeaux, December, 8-10, 2008


  • Frédéric De Gournay [Echoscan: Ultrasound Differential Electric Impedance Tomography]
  • Hassan Fathallah [Genomics and Targeted Therapy for Malignant Glioma]
  • Hassan Fathallah [A System for Modelling Molecular Netwoks. The Circadian Clock]
  • Fabien Guillemot [Tissue Engineering Approaches in a Workshop on Numerical Techniques for Modelling Tumor Growth]
  • Jean-Baptiste Lagaert [Generical Model and Parameter Estimation Adaption to Glioma]
  • Damiano Lombardi [Identification of Parameters in Tumor Growth Models Based on Empirical Eigenfunctions]
  • Lluis Mir []
  • Jean Palussière [Imagerie Médicale de la Croissance Tumorale]
  • Clair Poignard [Lack of Knowledge on the Electroporation of the Biological Cells. The Applied Mathematician's Point of View]
  • Benjamin Ribba [Modelling Tumor Growth on the Basis of Mice Experiments. Application for Therapeutic Innovation]
  • Olivier Saut [Mathematical Modelling of Tumoral Growth]
  • David Thanoon [Computational Surgery Framework for Breast Cancer I: Tissue Mechanic]
  • Andrea Tosin [Multiphase Modelling of Tumor Growth and Extra-cellular Matrix Interactions]


Thierry Colin
Team MC2
INRIA Bordeaux-Sud-Ouest
351 cours de la Libération
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