Published or Accepted Papers

  • N. Cîndea, N. Fabrèges, F. De Gournay and C. Poignard.
    "Optimal placement of electrodes in an electroporation process".
    Accepted in ESAIM: Proc. Vol. xx, Issue xx, pp. xx-xx, xx 2010.
  • C. Poignard, A. Silve, F. Campion, L.M. Mir, O. Saut and L. Schwartz.
    "Ion flux, transmembrane potential, and osmotic stabilization: A new electrophysiological dynamic model for Eukaryotic cells."
    Accepted in European Biophysical Journal. 20pp. October 2010.
  • Ribba B., Watkin E., Tod M., Girard P., Grenier E., You B., Giraudo E., Freyer G.
    "A model of vascular tumour growth in mice combining longitudinal tumour size data with histological biomarkers."
    Accepted in European Journal of Cancer 2010. in press
  • T. Colin, A. Iollo, D. Lombardi, O. Saut.
    "Prediction of the Evolution of Thyroidal Lung Nodules Using a Mathematical Model."
    Published in ERCIM News 82, Special Issue ”Computational Biology” (2010).
  • Preprints and Research Reports

  • F. Buret, N. Faure, L. Nicolas, R. Perrussel and C. Poignard.
    "Numerical studies on the effect of electric pulses on an egg-shaped cell with a spherical nucleus".
    Research report INRIA RR-7270. 21pp. April 2010. Submitted.
  • R. Perrussel and C. Poignard.
    "Asymptotic Transmission Conditions for Steady-State Potential in a High Contrast Medium. A Uniform Variational Formulation for Resistive Thin Layers.".
    Research report INRIA RR-7163. 22pp. January 2010. Submitted.
  • T. Colin, A. Iollo, D. Lombardi, O. Saut.
    "System Identification in Tumor Growth Modeling Using Semi-empirical Eigenfunctions."
    2010. Submitted.
  • Proceedings and Poster

  • T. Colin, A. Iollo, D. Lombardi, O. Saut F. Bonichon, and J. Palussière.
    "Prediction Of The Evolution Of Thyroidal Lung Nodules Using A Mathematical Model" Poster presentation at the International Thyroid Conference (ITC 2010), Palais des Congrès, Paris, France. (Sept. 2010) Poster
  • C. Poignard and O. Saut.
    "Numerical studies of electroporation: from microscopic models to clinical applications" Poster presentation at the Gordon Research Conference in Bioelectrochemistry (GRC 2010), The University of New England, Biddeford, USA. (July 2010) Poster
  • R. Perrussel and C. Poignard.
    "Approximate Transmission Conditions for the Laplacian in a High Contrast Medium with a Thin Layer. The Influence of the Curvature" in the 9th International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation (WAVES 2009). June 15-219, 2009 , Pau, France. (extended version in RR-7163)

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