Science popularization :

But Who’s Counting ?

Shiny implementation of the mock game But Who’s Counting. This game is solved through dynamical programming, an important part of the theory of optimal control.

It has been possible to play on the CNRS shiny’s server here.

Modeling randomness

You can see on the right a poster for the ten years of the Inria center of Bordeaux-Sud Ouest.

You can download this poster in full resolution here.

What you see in the background are a hundred lesser black-backed gulls’ daily trajectories starting from the island of Spiekeroog, that have been used for a proof of concept in the article Estimation of the average number of continuous crossings for non-stationary non-diffusion processes, written with R. Azaïs.

In this paper, for a wide class of piecewise smooth processes, we propose estimators of the average number of continuous crossings of an hypersurface based on Kac-Rice formulae.