Clair Poignard
Inria Research Scientist (PhD, Habil.)


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Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (CNRS UMR 5251)
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University of Bordeaux
Institute of Mathematics of Bordeaux (CNRS UMR 5251)


Inria Research Team MONC
Associate Team Num4SEP

List of my publications

Below is the list of my main publications, mostly with editor links. If you prefer to use the chronological "hal export", including some conference papers and posters, just click here.

Book Chapter

  1. C. Poignard, A. Silve, L. Wegner. "Different Approaches used in Modeling of Cell Membrane Electroporation". In press in Handbook of Electroporation edited by Damijan Miklavcic. Springer International Publishing AG.   DOI.   Link hal: Inria RR-8940.

Scientific Letters

  1. O. Séror, C. Poignard, O. Gallinato, R. Belkacem-Ourabia, O. Sutter.
    "Irreversible Electroporation: Disappearance of observable changes at imaging does not always imply complete reversibility of the underlying causal tissue changes". Letter published in Radiology, Vol. 282, Issue 1 (2017).
  2. L. Nicolas, N. Burais, F. Buret, O. Fabrègue, L. Krähenbühl, A. Nicolas, C. Poignard, R. Scoretti, N. Siauve, C. Vollaire. "Interactions Between Electromagnetic Field and Biological Tissues: Questions, Some Answers and Future Trends". Published in International Compumag Society Newsletter, Vol. 10, Issue 2, pp. 4-9, (2003).

Journal articles


  1.   M. Deville, R. Natalini, C. Poignard. A Continuum Mechanics Model of Enzyme-Based Tissue Degradation in Cancer Therapies.   Bull. Math. Biol., (2018).
  2.   T. Michel, J. Fehrenbach, V. Lobjois, J. Laurent, A. Gomes, T. Colin, C. Poignard. Mathematical modeling of the proliferation gradient in multicellular tumor spheroids.   Jnl. Th. Biol., Vol. 458, (2018).
  3.   G. Dechristé, J. Fehrenbach, E. Griseti, V. Lobjois, C. Poignard. Viscoelastic modeling of the fusion of multicellular tumor spheroids in growth phase.   Jnl. Th. Biol., Vol. 454, (2018).
  4.   T.Colin, G. Dechristé, J. Fehrenbach, L. Guillaume, V. Lobjois, C. Poignard. Experimental estimation of stored stress within spherical microtissues. What can and cannot be inferred from cutting experiments.   Jnl. Math. Biol, Vol. 77, no 4, (2018).
  5.   D.Voyer, A. Silve, L.M. Mir, R. Scorretti, C. Poignard. Dynamical modeling of tissue electroporation.   Bioelectrochemistry, Vol. 119, (2018).
  6. 2017

  7.   O. Gallinato, T. Colin, O. Saut, C. Poignard. "Tumor growth model for ductal carcinoma: from in situ phase to stroma invasion".   Jnl. Th. Biol., Vol. 429, (2017).
  8.  O. Gallinato, C. Poignard. "Superconvergent Second Order Cartesian Method for Solving Free Boundary Problem for Invadopodia Formation".   J. Comp. Phys., Vol. 339, (2017). Link hal.
  9. A.Guittet, C. Poignard, F. Gibou. "A Voronoi Interface Approach to Cell Aggregate Electropermeabilization".  J. Comp. Phys., Vol. 332, (2017).
  10. M. Leguèbe, M.G. Notarangelo, M. Twarogowska, R. Natalini, C. Poignard.  "Mathematical model for transport of DNA plasmids from the external medium up to the nucleus by electroporation".  Mathematical Biosciences J., Vol. 285, (2017).
  11. 2016

  12.  O. Gallinato, M. Ohta, C. Poignard, T. Suzuki. "Free boundary problem for cell protrusion formations: theoretical and numerical aspects".  Jnl. Math. Biol., Vol.75, no 2 (2017). Link hal: Inria RR-8810.
  13.  G. Lefebvre, F. Cornelis, P. Cumsille, T. Colin, C. Poignard, O. Saut. "Spatial Modeling of Tumor Drug Resistance: the case of GIST Liver Metastases". Mathematical Medicine and Biology (2016).
  14.  A. Silve, I. Leray, C. Poignard, L. M. Mir. "Impact of external medium conductivity on cell membrane electropermeabilization by microsecond and nanosecond electric pulses".   Scientific Reports 6 (2016).
  15. 2015

  16. A. Silve, I. Leray, M. Leguèbe, C. Poignard, L. M. Mir.  "Cell membranes permeabilisation by 12 ns electric pulses: not a purely dielectric but a charge dependant phenomenon".   Bioelectrochemistry, Vol. 106, Part B (2015).
  17. M. Leguèbe, C. Poignard, L. Weynans. "A second-order Cartesian method for the simulation of electropermeabilization cell models". J. Comp. Phys. Vol. 292, (2015).
  18. M. Breton, F. Buret, L. Krähenbühl, M. Leguèbe, L.M. Mir, R. Perrussel, C. Poignard, R. Scorretti, D. Voyer.  "Nonlinear steady-state electrical current modeling for the electropermeabilization of biological tissue".   IEEE Trans. on Mag. Vol. 51, no. 3, (2015).
  19. J. Joie, Y. Lei, T. Colin, M.-C. Durrieu, C. Poignard, O.Saut.  "Migration and orientation of endothelial cells on micropatterned polymers: A simple model based on classical mechanics".   DCDS-B. Vol. 20, no. 4, (2015).
  20. 2014

  21. M. Leguèbe, A. Silve, L.M. Mir, C. Poignard. "Conducting and Permeable States Membrane Submitted to High Voltage Pulses. Mathematical and Numerical Studies Validated by the Experiments".   Jnl. Th. Biol. Vol. 360, (2014) DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2014.06.027
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  24. O. Kavian, M. Leguèbe, C. Poignard, L. Weynans. "Classical electropermeabilization modelling at the cell scale". Jnl Math. Biol., 68(1-2): 235--265, 2014.
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  31. 2011

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Preprints and Research Reports

  1. M. Deville, R. Natalini, C. Poignard. "A continuum mechanics model of enzyme-based tissue degradation in cancer therapies".  
    Research report INRIA RR-9030. 46pp.
  2. T. Colin, T. Michel, C. Poignard. "Mathematical study and asymptotic analysis of a model for tumour drug resistance".  
    Research report INRIA RR-8784. 26pp.
  3. Laurent Krähenbühl, Victor Péron, Ronan Perrussel, Clair Poignard. "On the asymptotic expansion of the magnetic potential in eddy current problem: a practical use of asymptotics for numerical purposes".  Research report INRIA RR-8749. 15pp.
  4. F. Buret, N. Faure, L. Nicolas, R. Perrussel, C. Poignard. "Numerical studies on the effect of electric pulses on an egg-shaped cell with a spherical nucleus".  Research report INRIA RR-7270. 21pp.

Scientific Popularization

  1. C. Poignard, A. Silve. "Différence de Potentiel Induite par un Champ Electrique sur la Membrane d'une Cellule Biologique".   Published in La Revue 3EI, no74, (2014).
  2. C. Poignard, L. Schwartz. Interview by D.Durran "Modéliser le fonctionnement de la cellule".  Pour la Science, April (2011).