Clair Poignard
Inria Research Scientist (PhD, Habil.)


Research Team MONC
Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (CNRS UMR 5251)
351 Cours de la Libération
33405 Talence, France
Phone: (+33) 05-4000-2127
Fax: (+33) 05-4000-2117


University of Bordeaux
Institute of Mathematics of Bordeaux (CNRS UMR 5251)


Inria Research Team MONC
Associate Team Num4SEP

Supervision activities

I have advised 4 PhD students and 2 postdoctoral fellows, and I am currently advising 3 other PhD students and 1 postdoctoral fellow. Among my former PhD students, M. Leguèbe is research scientist at Inria Bordeaux (Team Carmen) and A. Davidovic will be hired as a tenure engineer-researcher at Institut Pasteur from february 2018. My other students who defended their PhD in 2016 are currently postdoctoral fellows.

On-going PhD Students

  • C. Vaghi: Improving intra-tumor drug distribution of anti-cancer nanoparticles by data-informed mathematical modeling. Joint supervision with S. Benzekry and J. Ciccolini (Inserm UM_S 911). (start 11/2017)

  • S. Corridore: Numerical evaluation of clinical IRE based on post treatment MRIs. Joint supervision with A. Collin (start 11/2016)

  • T. Kritter: Mathematical Models for Gliomas based on Medical Imaging. Joint supervision with O. Saut (start 09/2015)

Former PhD Students

  • M. Deville (Defense 11/2017): Mathematical Models for DNA Vaccination by mean of Electroporation, in "co-tutelle" with R. Natalini, CNR, Rome. M. Deville is math teacher in ``Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles''.

  • A. Davidović (Defense 12/2016): Multiscale Mathematical Modelling of Structural Heterogeneities in Cardiac Electrophysiology. Joint supervision with Y. Coudière.  A. Davidović is permanent research-engineer at Institut Pasteur.

  • T. Michel (Defense 11/2016): Mathematical Analysis and Model Calibration for cell spheroid growth. Joint supervision with T. Colin. T.Michel is postdoctoral fellow at Osaka University.

  • O. Gallinato (Defense 11/2016): Modeling cancer phenomena and superconvergent methods for interface problems. Joint supervision with T. Suzuki, Osaka University. O. Gallinato is postdoctoral fellow at Inria Bordeaux.

  • M. Leguèbe: Cell Electroporation Modeling. M. Leguèbe is permanent research scientist at Inria Bordeaux.

Postdoctorate supervision

  • O. Gallinato: Irreversible electroporation modeling for clinical applications. (2017-...)

  • G. Dechristé: Mathematical Models for spheroid growth. (2015-2017). G. Dechristé is engineer in a private company.

  • J. Joie: Cell Migration Modeling. (2011-2014) J. Joie is research-engineer in a private company.

  • V. Péron: Electromagnetic fields and biological cells. (2009-2010). V. Péron is associate professor at the University of Pau et Pays de l'Adour.

Master Students

  • G. Ravon (2012, Univ. Bordeaux): Chronic myelogenous leukemia modeling (with M. Colin and  O. Saut). Glawdys is now postdoctoral fellows at IHU LYRIC of Bordeaux.

  • T. Michel (2013, ENS Cachan): Mathematical analysis of tumor growth models (with T. Colin).

  • O. Gallinato (2013, Univ. Bordeaux 1) : Breast cancer modeling (with O. Saut).

  • M. Deville (2014, ENS Bretagne): Numerical modeling of tissue electroporation.

  • T. Kritter (2015, ENS Bretagne): Invasive cell network model of primary tumor (with O. Saut).