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Gilles Zémor

My research interests are in information theory, notably error-correcting codes, classical and quantum, and applications of coding to cryptography. I am also interested in discrete structures at large and additive combinatorics.


  • List of publications

    Some recent papers and preprints

  • Quantum Tanner codes
    A. Leverrier and G. Zémor
  • High-rate storage codes on triangle-free graphs
    A. Barg and G. Zémor
  • Decodable quantum LDPC codes beyond the square root distance barrier using high dimensional expanders
    S. Evra, T. Kaufman and G. Zémor
  • Coding constructions for efficient Oblivious Transfer from noisy channels
    F. Oggier and Zémor
  • Perfectly secure message transmission in two rounds
    G. Spini and G. Zémor
  • Efficient Encryption from Random Quasi-Cyclic Codes
    C. Aguilar, O. Blazy, J-C. Deneuville, P. Gaborit and G. Zémor
  • Towards a function field version of Freiman's Theorem
    C. Bachoc, A. Couvreur and G. Zémor
  • Quantum expander codes
    A. Leverrier, J-P. Tillich and G. Zémor
  • An analogue of Vosper's Theorem for Extension Fields
    C. Bachoc, O. Serra and G. Zémor
  • A homological upper bound on critical probabilities for hyperbolic percolation
    N. Delfosse and G. Zémor

  • Le groupe de travail "Codes quantiques"


    Notes de cours/lecture notes, exercices