Michel Bergmann 
  Senior researcher
  (Directeur de Recherches

  Centre Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

  Institut de Mathematiques de Bordeaux  
  351 cours de la Liberation
33405 TALENCE cedex
  Phone : +33 (0)5 40 00 35 36
  Fax     : +33 (0)5 40 00 21 17
  Mailto: Michel.Bergmann at inria.fr 


Research interests  [more details]

Mathematical modelling - Reduced Order Models - Numerical Simulations - Optimization and control - Stability Analysis...

... Toward multiphysics applications
(Windtubine, UAVs, Boat Propellers, Fluid-Structures Interaction, Bioinspiration)

Mathematical modelling

Reduced Order Models

Numerical Simulations

Optimization and Control

  • Dual adjoint methods / optimal control & robust control LQR
    Drag reduction
    [POF05] [NNFM07] [MI07] [JCP08]
  • DNS & POD + trust region (TRPOD)
    Drag Reduction
    [JCP08] [NNFM07]
  • Artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, inverse methods
    Control and estimation of the ignition point of forest fire
    Deep Learning

Stability Analysis

  • Reduced Order Models
  • Sedimentation of bodies

Some applications (simulations with my NaSCar solver)

Self-Propelled Swimmers (fish,jellyfish,ray,knifefish)

Control of Self-propelled swimmers (maneuvers, velocity regulation)
Fluid Structures Interactions (elastic structures)

Windturbine (NREL 10-m testing in NASA Ames wind Tunnel)
Boat propeller (laminar and turbulent)
Boat (interface air/water/boat, triple line)
Sedimentation of bodies (Lubrication/collision models in 2D and 3D)
Instabilities (Rayleigh-Taylor, Rayleigh-Plateau)

Self Propelled Swimmers

3D fish like swimming of a real mackerel fish
(obtained from actual pictures with optimal transportation)

Jellyfish like swimming

Ray fish like swimming

Knifefish swimming


Dolphin jump

Snake swimming.

Control of fish like swimming

Velocity regulation by proportional control on the tail amplitude and frequency.

Fish manoeuver
Proportional control with mean curvature adaptation.

Numerical simulations of several fishes with collision in a fixed domain or in a porous enclosure.

 Fluid Structure Interactions

Elastic Body
The water snake can extract wave Energy.
Strong implicit coupling.

Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter.
The wave energy is converted with a gyrospospe animated with the body motion.

Oscillation of an elastic structure under gravity and flow induced vibrations (low Reynolds number).

Oscillation of an (eulerian) elastic membrane and flow creation

Pump based on an elastic membrane.

Shock in an incompressible elastic material


Entire windturbine with blades and mast

Accurate simulation of the blades.

 Boat propellers




 Sedimentation of bodies

Rebound of a sphere on a wall.
(lubrification + repulsion forces)

Sedimentation of several particules (spheres).
(lubrification + repulsion forces and torques)

 Some instabilities

Densiity ratio is 3.

Curvature limitation (mesh size) to allow 2D instability.