Michel Bonnefont: Research

I am currently "maître de conférences" in the analysis team at the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux since september 2010.
My main research interest are:

I am currently a member of the ANR HAB.

Here is the web page of the séminaire d'analyse.



Ph-D thesis

I defend my Ph-D thesis at the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse. My advisors were Dominique Bakry and Fabrice Baudoin. My thesis is entitled: "Functional Inequalities for Subelliptic Heat Kernels".

In this thesis, I study the heat kernel and the heat semigroup associated with three subelliptic structures that are actually model spaces of subriemannian geometry. Their study is therefore interesting in itself. But in fact, the main motivation of this work was to develop new techniques and new methods that could extend to more general situations in subelliptic geometry. The real goal is to understand a notion of Ricci curvature bounded below by a constant in subelliptic geometry.

You can find a short summary of the thesis here and get the entire version here.

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