Patrick fischer


Date of birth: 09.19.1968                                                                   Address:  Université Bordeaux 1, IMB

Civil status: divorced, 2 children                                                                        INRIA Team MC2, UMR 5251

Citizenship: french                                                                                              351, Cours de la Libération

                                                                                                                                33405 Talence, FRANCE

                                                                                                               Phone:    (33-5) 40 00 21 30


That’s me !!!


•Signal processing, numerical simulations, mathematical modeling.

•Wavelets, multiscale methods, orthogonal decompositions, fast algorithms, iterative methods, linear systems.

•Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, mathematical methods in quantum chemistry and proteins analysis

•Fast and adaptive algorithms (Fortran, C, Matlab) for scientific applications: numerical simulations and signal processing in physics, chemistry and biology.

Research Interests