Spectral Theory and Its Applications

October 3-5, 2012 at University Bordeaux 1

Practical information

Streets of Bordeaux de Mescon

Conference Location

All talks will be given in the conference room located at the first floor of the IMB, the Institute of Mathematics (IMB) of Université Bordeaux 1. The campus of the Université Bordeaux 1 is located in Talence. The best way to reach the campus is by tramway. Here is a map of the tramway and of the campus.

Campus and city map on

To reach the IMB from Bordeaux town center, take the tramway, Line B, direction "Pessac Centre".

Step off at the "Forum" stop (15 min. ride) and walk along Cours de la Libération for 150 meters until you get to the University main entrance (on your right hand side). The IMB is located 50 meters away, slightly to the right of the bamboo grove and duck pond.

Just for any case, here is one more plan for the itinerary of the previous paragraph.

Getting to Bordeaux

  • Bordeaux has an Airport The airport is well deserved by Bordeaux public transportation (see the next paragraph for more details). Here are 3 ways to get from the airport to the downtown:

    • Jet'Bus - departs every 45 min.; a ticket costs 7 eu; the bus has the following stops: Airport - Square Gambetta (=the downtown) - La Gare St.Jean (=Bordeaux railway station). All information on the Jet'Bus is here.

    • (the cheapest one) walk out from the airport building (hall B), the stop of bus 1 is just in front of you. A ticket costs 1.40 eu, the bus takes you to "Quinconces" (the end stop) which is in the downtown of Bordeaux; the ride takes around 30 min. The schedule of the bus 1 is here (please click on 1 to get the .pdf file); basically it departs every 10-15 min. during the daytime.

    • a Cab/Taxi; the ride to the downtown is around 50 eu.
  • For looking up trains, we suggest the 'Deutsche Bahn' pages (its faster) or the corresponding SNCF one that is probably more useful when buying ticktes but very slow for look-ups

Public transportation in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has a Bordeaux Public Transport system including tramway and buses; the above web-site contains exhaustive information on the network (but is unfortunately in French).

Here are some useful facts/tips:

  • tickets are the same on all transportation network; one ticket gives you right to use the transport for 1 hour and to make up to 4 changes;

  • a one-way ticket costs 1.40 eu; they are sold by bus drivers (but not in the tram!);

  • there are ticket selling machines on tram stops (but not bus ones!). the machines sell one-way tickets, "packs" of 5 tickets (around 6 eu) and "packs" of 10 tickets (around 11.50 eu); they take debit cards (visa...) and cash (coins only!).

  • to find your way (+ the schedules) from point "A" to point "B", please use the following algorithm:

    • go to Bordeaux Public Transport website;

    • Enter "A" next to Depart (=Departure);

    • Enter "B" next to Arrivee (=Arrival);

    • Choose your date/time two lines below;

    • Click on Recherche (=Search).

  • to find the schedule of a bus/tram, please go to Schedules, click on the corresponding number/item and get the corresponding .pdf file.

  • as it is already mentioned, the conference site can be reached from hotels listed below, in 15-20 min.


You should reserve your hotel yourself. Since the campus is not in the center you basically have the following choices:

Other informations

  • Bordeaux website and Bordeaux tourism.

  • Selection of restaurants in Bordeaux town center.
  • Some personal remarks (from Bernhard Haak) on restaurants in the above list (or not), based on my experience ...

    • "Le septième péché" (65 Cours Verdun) is mentioned in 2010 Guide Michelin as "hope future first star". Very nice and friendly atmosphere, menus 40,50, 75 euro (without wine). The plates play with different tastes and structures in a very innovative way. You should reserve to be sure to have a place.

    • "Le vieux Bordeaux" (27 Rue Buhan) is a very nice restaurant. The menu at 30 eur is very good, but more traditional French cuisine. The price/quality relation is exceptional. I recommend reservation. Hint: Write down the street number before leaving your hotel, you might oversee the entrance otherwise!

    • "Le parlament de graves" nice restaurant, typical south-west kitchen. Menu at 16 euros, good price/quality relation

    • "Le Karma"(43 Rue Pas St Georges) is a rather new and nice restaurant that is rising up quickly in popularity .. the kitchen is modern and fancy, I would put it in the category of "Le vieux Bordeaux" or "Le Loup".

    • "L'Autre Salon de Thé" (11, Rue des Remparts) before approx. 17h they offer tea (a huge variety of green and black teas aswell as herbal infusions) and very good cookies. The evening they transform into restaurant but up to now I never had the chance to go there.

    • "Le loup" (66, Rue Loup) is a very nice but small restaurant, in quality more or less comparable to "Le vieux Bordeaux", but slightly more expensive.

    • "La Boulangerie‎" (48 Rue Barreyre) is a nice small restaurant in a former bakery whose specialty is grilled meat ...