Explicit Number Theory

January 7—11, 2019, Valparaíso

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Practical information

Conference location

All talks will take place at CIAE, Universidad de Valparaíso, Blanco 1931, Valparaíso, room 404-405.

Registration, coffee breaks, and the Monday wine and chees party will be held on terrace (3rd floor) of the same building.

The conference dinner will be held on Thursday, January 10, at 20:00 in La caperucita y el lobo. The participation fee is CLP24000.

Where to eat


A reasonable inexpensive lunch option is the University canteen in the CIAE building. It also has a vegetarian option. If you are entitled to lunch vouchers, you can pay with them in the canteen. Cash is also accepted.

Some alternative simple retaurants in the surrounding area can be found on this map.


Valparaíso is famous for seafood. Some simple, but good seafood restaurants can be found neat the Caleta Portales fish market.

A reasonable "Peruvian style" restaurant in the downtown is Nazca.

Casa Cervecera Altamira is a trendy microbrewery which also offers a good choice of snacks.

For more upscale options please consult tripadvisor and similar websites.

Lodging in Valparaíso

A good reasonably priced hotel is Ibis.

A more upscale, but also more expensive option is Diego de Almagro.

You will find a wide variety of offers on the specialized sites, like booking, airbnb, etc. Please do not delay your lodging reservation until the last moment: January is a high season in Valparaíso!

Getting to Valparaíso

The nearest international airport is the Santiago International Airport, which is in about 100 km away from Valparaíso.

Unfortunately, there does not exist direct public transport connection between the Santiago airport and Valparaíso. Nevertheless, getting to Valparaíso from the airport is easy and cheap: just follow the indications below.

  • Take a bus from the airport to the intercity bus stop called "estación Pajaritos" and then another bus from Pajaritos to Valparaíso.
  • The trip airport-Pajaritos takes about 30 minutes. There is a bus every 15 minutes, the fare being about 2000CLP (about 3 euros). There are two companies, essentially equivalent, Turbus (green bus) and Centropuerto (blue bus).
  • The trip Pajaritos-Valparaíso takes 1:30 hr. There is a bus every 15 minutes, the fare being about 5000CLP (about 7 euros). There are three standard companies, essentially equivalent: Turbus, Pullman and Romani. It should be easy to find a bus leaving almost immediately.
  • Sometimes the bus driver asks every passenger where he or she will take off. It is enough to reply "terminal".
  • Note that you do NOT have to travel from the airport to the Santiago main bus terminal!

There exist more comfortable, but also much more expensive ways to get to Valparaíso from the airport, like taxi or private shuttle. For the latter, you may check with Tansfer Santiago or Transfer Delfos. A shuttle for several persons can be less expensive (per person) than for a single person. So if you know of several other colleagues arriving at the same time, you may group together and gain the price.

Getting around in Valparaíso

The Valparaíso downtown is easy to navigate: it is a long narrow strip of land stretching along the costal line. The Valparaíso central bus terminal (Rawson 350) is in the eastern part of the downtown.

Public transport in Valparaíso may look chaotic, but, in fact, it is very convenient and efficient. It takes, however, some time to figure out how it functions. Therefore, if it is your first visit and you do not speak Spanish, we strongly advise you to take a taxi from the bus terminal to your destination.

If you are not very charged, you can also walk. For instance, the walk from the terminal to the conference location is about 15 minutes.

Uber is operational and efficient in Valparaíso. But you should indicate your location very precisely: the driver cannot call you, unless you have a Chilean phone number in your Uber settings.

Main tourist attractions in Valparaíso are not in the dowtown but on the adjacent hills ("cerros"). You may consult the wikitravel page for the tourist information.

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