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Collaborations & PhD students


Academic collaborations:
Charles-Henri Bruneau (Université Bordeaux 1 & INRIA Bordeaux): DNS & Penalization methods, active & passive (porous) control.
Emmanuel Creusé (Université Lille 1 & INRIA Lille): Active control, vortex methods, identification of coherent structures,
computing blood flows with stents.
Georges-Henri Cottet (Université de Grenoble, LJK): Hybrid vortex-penalization methods, flow control.
Denis Doorly & Spencer Sherwin (Imperial College, London): Identification of 3D coherent structures.
Pierre Fabrie (IPB, IMB) & Angelo Iollo (Univ. Bordeaux 1, INRIA Bordeaux): Modelling & optimization of water distribution systems.
Sinisa Krajnovic (Chalmers, Goteborg): Numerical simulation & control of flows around ground vehicles.
Serge Huberson (Université de Poitiers, Institut P') & Heloise Beaugendre (IPB, INRIA Bordeaux): Particle methods for porous media.
Previous collaborations: A. Giovannini (IMFT), A. Ghonieam (MIT), D. Dritschel (St. Andrews).

Current Industrial & no-academic collaborations: Renault, Plastic Omnium, IRSTEA etc.
Previous collaborations: IFP (European patent on VIV reduction of risers in 2005); ANDRA, EDF, Flowdit.

PhD students:

Yoann Eulalie (Since January 2011): CIFRE grant by Plastic Omnium (in collaboration with Philippe Gilotte -PO).
Subject: Numerical simulation and control of pulsed active control techniques around 3D car models.

Chloe Mimeau (Since september 2011): Academic grant (in collaboration with G.H. Cottet - LJK).
Subject: The design of a hybrid vortex-penalization method, with applications to passive cintrol with porous media.

Herve Hung (Since november 2012): granted by IRSTEA in the framework of smart online project (in collaboration with Angelo Iollo & O. Piller - IRSTEA).
Subject: Numerical modelling and control of networks with double T and cross junctions in water distribution systems.

Former PhD students:

Emmanuel Creuse (co-advisor with C.-H. Bruneau): PhD defended in 2000; Academic grant.
Current position: Professor, University Lille1.

Guillaume Gancel (co-advisor with P. Fabrie): PhD defended in 2006; Cemagref grant.
Current position: Research engineer, Safege - Suez Environement.

Elodie Jaumouille (co-advisor with P. Fabrie): PhD defended in 2009; Cemagref grant.
Current position: Engineer, Cerfacs.

Delphine Depeyras (co-advisor with C.-H. Bruneau): PhD defended in 2009; Renault-CNRS BDI Grant.
Current position: Engineer-head of CFD team, Ingeliance.

Federico Gallizio (with A. Iollo): PhD defended in 2010; International French-Italian grant.
Current position: Research engineer, Optimad Engineering.