Infectious Disease Outbreaks


This series of talks aims to present multiple aspects of mathematical modeling to address important problems relevant to infectious disease outbreaks. Such issues can be considered from many different angles, from data to mathematical models to simulations and their combinations. COVID-19 pandemic will indeed be one of the major topics in this series of lectures. But for this coming new academic new year, we want to expand to vector-borne diseases and other related topics. We organize this series of lectures, in between Europe and America (north and south), to bring together mathematicians and modelers from both continents.

Lectures will take place every two weeks and will be 30mn long with 15mn for questions. Usually, the lectures should take place on Wednesday, between 8H00-9H00 in Los Angeles, 10H00-11H00 in Mexico, 11H00-12H00 in New York, and 17H00-18H00 in France.

Please contact the members of the organizing committee to give a lecture, and/or contact Pierre Magal in order to add your name to mailing list and for more information about this lecture series: pierre.magal@u-bordeaux.fr.



  • October 19 2022

  • 17H00-17H45, John P. A. Ioannidis, Stanford University School of Medicine Meta-epidemiology of infectious disease models

  • Video of the talk from Youtube or direct download