Available Funding Programs

  1. "Postes Rouges" 2023-2024 for Korean researchers in France

    The Institut de Mathématiques du CNRS (INSMI) traditionally offers research positions in French laboratories, available for foreign visitors from the "IRL", "LIA" or "IRN".

    These posts are for a period of three months (shorter stays cannot be funded under this programme).

    Unfortunately, in 2024 we will no longer be able to host foreign researchers by paying them a salary as we used to do. In order to maintain this flow in French laboratories, and to boost relations between your organisation and France, we propose an alternative: we will continue to fund these researchers by reimbursing their mission expenses. This mission reimbursement will be fully managed by the French laboratory hosting the visiting researcher.

    Invitations concern any level of seniority (assistant, associate or full professor).

    The candidate prepares a file, that contains:

    1. A Vitae (with list of publications)
    2. A specific scientific project for the visit
    3. Tentative dates of stay. The three-month visit must take place between 1 January 2024 and 30 November 2024
    4. The candidates (or the inviting researcher) must contact the director of the inviting French laboratory and obtain his or her agreement (email is OK)
    5. The candidate contacts and sends the file to the IRL/LIA/IRN Director/Coordinator
    6. The coordinator forwards the complete proposals (if needed ranked) by 31 October 2023 to the following address: insmi.international@cnrs.fr with [postes rouges] in the subject of the email

    Notice that it is important for applicants to be aware that there are administrative constraints for the reimbursement of mission expenses. By "mission expenses" we mean: travel, board and lodging expenses.

    1. the maximum level of reimbursement for accommodation varies according to your place of residence in France
    2. the level of reimbursement for meals is 17.50 euros per lunch and dinner
    3. the procedure for booking travel, including the incoming flight, must be ordered by the French host laboratory
    4. the total reimbursement for the mission is a maximum of 9,000 euros for the 3 months (including travel)

    To avoid any difficulties, we recommend that foreign researchers:

    1. discuss these conditions with the inviting researcher before applying
    2. contact the laboratory's administration team (via the inviting researcher) as soon as he or she has received confirmation of funding for the "postes rouges" and, above all, not book anything until they have received confirmation from the French laboratory regarding the mission expenses