Preprints of the Algebraic Geometry team
  1. 2020/10/16, G Besson (IF), S Gallot (IF): On Scalar and Ricci Curvatures
  2. 2017/12/22, Gérard Besson (IF, CNRS), Gilles Courtois (IMJ-PRG (UMR\_7586), CNRS), Sylvestre Gallot (IF), Andrea Sambusetti (Sapienza University of Rome): Curvature-Free Margulis Lemma for Gromov-Hyperbolic Spaces

Preprints of the Number Theory team
  1. 2020/07/22, Mattia Cavicchi, Frédéric Déglise, Jan Nagel, Motivic decompositions of families with Tate fibers: smooth and singular cases
  2. 2020/04/20, Yann Bugeaud, Dong Han Kim, Seul Bee Lee, On the Lévy constants of Sturmian continued fractions
  3. 2020/02/15, Dong Han Kim, Seul Bee Lee, Lingmin Liao, Odd-odd continued fraction algorithm
  4. 2020/01/02, Yann Bugeaud, Dong Han Kim, Michel Laurent, Arnaldo Nogueira, On the Diophantine nature of the elements of Cantor sets arising in the dynamics of contracted rotations
  5. 2018/04/26, Yann Bugeaud, Dong Han Kim, Seonhee Lim, Michal Rams, Hausdorff dimension in inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation
  6. 2015/10/01, Yann Bugeaud, Dong Han Kim, A new complexity function, repetitions in Sturmian words, and irrationality exponents of Sturmian numbers
  7. 2015/08/03, Dong Han Kim, Lingmin Liao, Dirichlet uniformly well-approximated numbers

Preprints of the PDEA team
  1. 2020/12/15, Stephane Brull, Seok-Bae Yun: Stationary Flows of the ES-BGK model with the correct Prandtl number
  2. 2020/10/20, Elisabetta Brocchieri (LaMME), Lucilla Corrias, Helge Dietert (IMJ-PRG, UMR 7586), Yong-Jung Kim : Evolution of dietary diversity and a starvation driven cross-diffusion system as its singular limit
  3. 2019, Laurent Desvillettes Yong-Jung Kim Ariane Trescases Changwook Yoon: A logarithmic chemotaxis model featuring global existence and aggregation