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Algorithmique Arithmétique dont :

  • PARI/GP PARI/GP is a widely used computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory (factorizations, algebraic number theory, elliptic curves, modular forms, L functions...), but also contains a large number of other useful functions to compute with mathematical entities such as matrices, polynomials, power series, algebraic numbers etc., and a lot of transcendental functions. PARI is also available as a C library to allow for faster computations.
    Mots clés : Calcul formel, théorie algébriques des nombres, courbes elliptiques, fonctions transcendantes
    Version actuelle : 2.9.4 - 2017-12-20 - License: GPLv2+
  • MPC GNU MPC is a C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result. It extends the principles of the IEEE-754 standard for fixed precision real floating point numbers to complex numbers, providing well-defined semantics for every operation. At the same time, speed of operation at high precision is a major design goal.
    Version actuelle : 1.1.0 - January 2018 - License: LGPLv3+
  • MPFRCX MPFRCX is a library for the arithmetic of univariate polynomials over arbitrary precision real (MPFR) or complex (MPC) numbers, without control on the rounding. For the time being, only the few functions needed to implement the floating point approach to complex multiplication are implemented. On the other hand, these comprise asymptotically fast multiplication routines such as Toom–Cook and the FFT.
    Version actuelle : 0.4.2 - May 2013 - License: LGPLv2.1+
  • CM The CM software implements the construction of ring class fields of imaginary quadratic number fields and of elliptic curves with complex multiplication via floating point approximations. It consists of libraries that can be called from within a C program and of executable command line applications. For the implemented algorithms, see A. Enge, The complexity of class polynomial computation via floating point approximations, Mathematics of Computation 78 (266), 2009, pp. 1089–1107.
    Version actuelle : 0.3 - March 2016 - License: GPLv3+
  • AVIsogenies Magma package for working with abelian varieties, with a particular emphasis on explicit isogeny computation.
    Mots clés : Computer algebra, Algorithmic algebraic geometry, Abelian varieties, Isogenies, Endomorphisms rings
    Version actuelle : 0.6 - 2012-11-28 - License: LGPLv2+

Calcul scientifique haute performance pour les écoulements compressibles et la propagation d’ondes dont :

  • MMG3D
  • MONTJOIE The project is about the resolution of wave propagation phenomena by using high order finite element methods on hexahedral meshes, with mass-lumping techniques. Acoustic, elastodynamic, aeroacoustic and Maxwell equations are solved.

Contrôle de flot et optimisation de forme dont :

  • NASCAR This code is devoted to solve 3D-flows in around moving and deformable bodies. The incompressible Navier- Stokes equations are solved on fixed grids, and the bodies are taken into account thanks to penalization and/or immersed boundary methods. The interface between the fluid and the bodies is tracked with a level set function or in a Lagrangian way. The numerical code is fully second order (time and space). The numerical method is based on projection schemes of Chorin-Temam’s type.
    Mots clés : numerical analyse, fluid mechanics, langage C, PETSc

Image dont :

Méthodes numériques pour les systèmes de particules dont :

Modélisation et simulation pour la médecine (biologie, cancérologie, cardiologie) dont :

  • CEPS CEPS is a numerical simulation tool focused on the modeling of cardiac electrophysiology.

Reformulation and algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization dont :

Simulation de fluides complexes dont :

  • NS2D/NS3D Logiciel de mécanique des fluides numérique pour la modélisation d'écoulements turbulents 2D et 3D autour d'obstacles poreux ou solides de géométrie variable.
    Mots clés : Navier-Stokes, pénalisation, multigrille, parallélisation MPI.

Statistique dont :

  • BIIPS Biips is a general software for Bayesian inference using interacting particle systems, aka sequential Monte Carlo methods. It aims at popularizing the use of these methods to researchers and students, thanks to its automated black box inference engine.
  • edrGraphicalTools
  • ClustOfVar
  • PCAmixdata
  • QuantifQuantile

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