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Séminaire de Théorie Algorithmique des Nombres

Responsables : Razvan Barbulescu et Wessel Van Woerden

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  • Le 13 juin 2023 à 10:00
  • salle 2
    Mahshid Riahinia ENS de Lyon
    Constrained Pseudorandom Functions from Homomorphic Secret Sharing
    A Constrained pseudorandom function (CPRF) is a pseudorandom function that provides fine-grained access to the evaluation of the function. In other words, for a (possibly super-polynomial) subset of inputs, a constrained pseudorandom function allows us to derive a constrained key that enables evaluating the function on that subset of inputs while learning nothing beyond. We propose and analyze a simple strategy for constructing 1-key constrained pseudorandom functions from homomorphic secret sharing (HSS) protocols. This relation, in particular, leads to instantiations of CPRFs for various constraints and from various assumptions. In this talk, I present this strategy and briefly go over one of the instantiations.
  • Le 20 juin 2023 à 10:30
  • INRIA building, room George Bool 2
    Canari team INRIA
    Meeting Canari team and Inria Bordeaux head team
    The LFANT seminar is canceled. Instead, there will be a recurrent meeting between the team members and the administrative direction. The meeting is not compulsory for the PdD students.

  • Le 27 juin 2023 à 10:00
  • salle 2
    Agathe Houzelot Labri

  • Le 5 septembre 2023 à 11:00
  • IMB
    Xavier Caruso IMB

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