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Séminaire Calcul Scientifique et Modélisation

Responsables : Wasilij Barsukow et Alessia Del Grosso

  • Le 27 juin 2024 à 14:00
  • Séminaire de Calcul Scientifique et Modélisation
    Salle 2
    Davide Torlo SISSA Trieste
    Structure preserving methods via Global Flux quadrature: divergence-free preservation with continuous Finite Element
    In many problems, the emergence of physical structures and equilibrium solutions, such as divergence-free solutions in contexts like shallow water and magneto-hydrodynamics, poses a significant challenge. A simple linear approximation of such systems that already show these behavior is the linear acoustic system of equations. We focus on Cartesian grid discretizations of such system in 2 dimensions and in the preservation of stationary solutions that arise due to a truly multidimensional balance of terms, which corresponds to the divergence-free solutions for acoustic systems.
    Conventional methods, like the continuous Finite Element SUPG, face limitations in maintaining these structures due to the stabilization techniques employed, which do not effectively vanish when the discrete divergence is zero.
    What we propose is to use the Global Flux procedure, which has proven to be successful in preserving 1-dimensional equilibria [1,2], to define some auxiliary variables guiding a suitable discretization of both the divergence and stabilization operators [3]. This approach enables the natural preservation of divergence-free solutions and more intricate equilibria involving various sources. Moreover, this strategy facilitates the identification of discrete equilibria of the scheme that verify boundary or initial conditions. We use the Deferred Correction time discretization, obtaining explicit arbitrarily high order methods.
    Numerous numerical tests validate the accuracy of our proposed scheme compared to classical approaches. Our method not only excels in preserving (discretely) divergence-free solutions and their perturbations but also maintains the original order of accuracy on smooth solutions.

    [1] Y. Cheng, A. Chertock, M. Herty, A. Kurganov and T. Wu. A new approach for designing moving-water equilibria preserving schemes for the shallow water equations. J. Sci. Comput. 80(1): 538–554, 2019.
    [2] M. Ciallella, D. Torlo and M. Ricchiuto. Arbitrary high order WENO finite volume scheme with flux globalization for moving equilibria preservation. Journal of Scientific Computing, 96(2):53, 2023.
    [3] W. Barsukow, M. Ricchiuto and D. Torlo. Structure preserving methods via Global Flux quadrature: divergence-free preservation with continuous Finite Element. In preparation, 2024.

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