Montjoie user's guide

Montjoie is designed for the efficient solution of time-domain and time-harmonic linear partial differential equations using high-order finite element methods. This code is written for quadrilateral/hexahedral dominant meshes including triangles in 2-D (prisms, pyramids and tetrahedra in 3-D). The equations solved by this code, come from the ''wave propagation'' problems, particularly acoustic, electromagnetic, aeroacoustic, elastodynamic problems.

Montjoie is able to read several formats of mesh files : .msh (Gmsh), .mesh ( Medit), .neu (Neutral format of Gambit), and other formats. Montjoie may use the following libraries : Blas, Lapack, MUMPS (or SuperLU and UmfPack, or Pastix), Arpack, SLEPc and Metis. None of these libraries are mandatory to compile Montjoie. Some functionalities may not work if a library is missing. In that case, a message is displayed inviting the user to recompile with the needed library.

Montjoie is provided under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Montjoie repository: