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Articles and preprints

  1. A depth-averaged heart model for the inverse problem of cardiac electrophysiology
    Emma Lagracie, Yves Bourgault, Yves Coudière, Lisl Weynans

  2. A numerical method for wave-structure interactions in the Boussinesq regime
    Geoffrey Beck, David Lannes, Lisl Weynans
    submitted, [arXiv]

  3. Convergence of a cartesian method for elliptic problems with immersed interfaces
    Weynans L.
    INRIA research report 8872, [pdf]

  4. Immersed Boundary Method for the Complete Electrode Model in Electrical Impedance Tomography
    Dardé J. , Nasr N., Weynans L.
    accepted for publication in J. Comput. Phys., [here]

  5. Source and metric estimation in the eikonal equation using optimization on a manifold
    J. Fehrenbach, L. Weynans
    Inverse Problems and Imaging, Oct 2022, [here]

  6. A Patchwork Method to Improve the Performance of Current Methods for Solving the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography
    O. Bouhamama, M. Potse, L. Bear, L. Weynans
    IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 2022, [pdf]

  7. A Cartesian method with second-order pressure resolution for incompressible flows with large density ratios
    Bergmann M., Weynans L.
    Fluids, 6(11), 402; 2021, [pdf]

  8. Generating boundary conditions for a Boussinesq system
    Lannes D., Weynans L.
    Nonlinearity, 33 6868, 2020, [pdf]

  9. Methodology for Numerical Simulations of Ellipsoidal Particle-Laden Flows
    B. Lambert, M. Bergmann, L. Weynans
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids, vol 92, p 855--873, 2020, [here]

  10. Local lubrication model for spherical particles within an incompressible Navier-Stokes flow
    B. Lambert, L. Weynans, and M. Bergmann
    Phys. Rev. E, vol 97, 033313, 2018, [hal]

  11. Super-convergence in maximum norm of the gradient for the Shortley-Weller method
    Weynans, L.
    J. Sci. Comput., vol 75, pp 625-637, 2018, [pdf]

  12. Enablers for high order level set methods in fluid mechanics
    Bergmann M., Luddens F., Weynans L.
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids, vol 79, pp 654-675, 2015, [pdf]

  13. Numerical solution of the Monge-Kantorovich problem by density lift-up continuation
    A. Bouharguane, A. Iollo, L. Weynans
    ESAIM: M2AN, vol 49, pp 1577-1592, 2015, [link]

  14. A second-order Cartesian method for the simulation of electropermeabilization cell models
    M. Leguebe, C. Poignard, L. Weynans
    J. Comput. Phys, vol 292, pp114-140, 2015, pdf

  15. Consistency, accuracy and entropic behaviour of remeshed particle methods
    L. Weynans, A. Magni
    ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, Vol. 47, pp 57-81, 2013 link

  16. "Classical" Electropermeabilization Modeling at the Cell Scale
    O. Kavian, M. Leguebe, C. Poignard, L. Weynans
    Journal of Mathematical Biology, Dec. 2012, pp 1-31, pdf

  17. A simple second order cartesian scheme for compressible Euler flows
    Y. Gorsse, A. Iollo, H. Telib, L. Weynans
    J. Comput. Phys., Vol. 231, Issue 23, pp 7780-7794, 2012 pdf

  18. A parallel second order cartesian method for elliptic interface problems
    M. Cisternino, L. Weynans
    Commun. Comput. Phys., Vol. 12, pp. 1562-1587, 2012 pdf

  19. Robust numerical schemes for anisotropic diffusion problems, a first step for turbulence modeling in Lagrangian hydrodynamics
    Dambrine J., Hoch P., Kuate R., Loheac J., Metral J., Rebourcet B., Weynans L.
    ESAIM :Proc., Vol. 28, pp. 80-99, 2009. [hal]

  20. Spray impingement on a wall in the context of the upper airways
    L. Boudin, L. Weynans
    ESAIM : Proc., Vol. 23, pp. 1-9, 2008 [hal]

  21. Towards implicit Sub-Grid Scale Modeling by Particle Methods
    S. Hickel, L. Weynans, N.A. Adams, G.-H. Cottet
    ESAIM Proc., Vol. 16, pp. 77-88, 2007 [hal]

  22. Particle methods revisited : a class of high order finite-difference methods
    G.-H. Cottet, L. Weynans
    C. R. Acad. Sci., Paris, Ser. I, Vol 343, No 1, p. 51, 2006 [hal]

Published conference proceedings

  1. Comparison of Two Formulations for Computing Body Surface Potential Maps
    E. Lagracie, L. Weynans , Y. Coudière
    Computing in Cardiology, Atlanta, 2023 here.

  2. Evaluation of the ECGI Patchwork Method Using experimental Data in Sinus Rhythm
    O. Bouhamama, L. Weynans, L. Bear
    Computing in Cardiology, Brno/virtual, 2021 pdf.

  3. A Patchwork Inverse Method in Combination With the Activation Time Gradient to Detect Regions of Slow Conduction in Sinus Rhythm
    O. Bouhamama, M. Potse, R. Dubois, L. Weynans, L. Bear
    Computing in Cardiology, Riminy/virtual, 2020 pdf.

  4. A sharp Cartesian method for the simulation of air-water interface
    Bergmann M., Luddens F & Weynans L.
    Proceedings of the Eigth Eigth International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chengdu, China, July 14-18, 2014, pdf.

  5. Drag and drop simulations: from images to full 3D simulations
    Bergmann M., C. Galusinski, Iollo A. & Lisl Weynans
    Proceedings of the Eigth International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chengdu, China, July 14-18, 2014, pdf.

  6. A simple second order cartesian scheme for compressible flows
    Y. Gorsse, A. Iollo, L. Weynans
    Springer Proceedings in Mathematics, 2011, Volume 4, Part 1, 543-551. pdf

  7. A multilevel adaptive particle-grid method for gas dynamics
    G.-H. Cottet, B. Rebourcet, L. Weynans
    Proceedings of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Meshless Methods, B14.1-6, 2005 pdf.


"Prise en compte précise de géometries complexes pour l'approximation d'EDP sur grilles cartésiennes et leur simulation en calcul parallèle":
mémoire pdf et slides pdf


"Méthode particulaire multiniveaux pour la dynamique des gaz, application au calcul d'écoulements multifluides" [hal] effectuée sous la direction de Georges-Henri Cottet (LJK, Université de Grenoble) et Bernard Rebourcet (CEA DAM), soutenue en Décembre 2006.