Harmonic Analysis, Probability and Applications
Orléans, 10-13 june 2014

E. Amar Interpolating sequences and Carleson measures in the Hardy-Sobolev spaces of the ball in Cn
P. AuscherOrthonormal bases of regular wavelets in metric and quasi-metric spaces
F. Bernicot Heat kernel estimates, Riesz transform and Sobolev algebra property
R. Coifman Harmonic analysis and functional duality as a tool for organization of information and learning
E. Damek Two-sided bounds for Lp-norms of combinations of products of independent random variables
J. Dziubański On isomorphisms of Hardy spaces for certain Schrödinger operators
P. Grazcyk Particle systems as solutions of SDEs systems
S. Jaffard Wavelet techniques for p-exponent multifractal analysis
A. Karoui Spectral decay of the sinc kernel operator and approximations by Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions
J. R. León R. Central Limit Theorem for the Euler Characteristic of excursion sets of random Gaussian fields
S. Madan Tilings and Spectra
Y. Meyer Quasicrystals are almost periodic patterns
C. Nana Lp-Estimates of the Bergman Projection in some homogeneous domains of Cn
I. Nourdin Stein’s method, logarithmic Sobolev and transport inequalities
S. Petermichl Sharp Lp estimates for second order discrete Riesz transforms
P. Portal Functional calculus of Dirac operators and tent spaces
S. Pott On Toeplitz products on Bergman space and two-weighted inequalities for the Bergman projection
B. Vedel Hyperbolic wavelet analysis of textures : global regularity and multifractal formalism
B. Wick Carleson Measures for Spaces of Analytic Functions
J. Wright Affine-invariant harmonic analysis