MSE3315C --- Constraint Programming

Master Ingénierie Mathématique, Statistique et Économique

January -- April 2018


19/III Projects assignment is online
16/III Description of projects are online
8/I First version of the page


Ruslan Sadykov: Ruslan [.] Sadykov [@] inria [.] fr


8/I, 16h15 Lecture 1 Building A29, salle 102
15/I, 16h15 Lecture 2 Building A13, salle 2
22/I, 16h15 Lab 1 Building A13, salle 2
29/I, 16h15 Lecture 3 Building A13, salle 2
5/II, 16h15 Lecture 4 Building A13, salle 2
12/II, 16h15 Lab 2 Building A13, salle 2
26/II, 16h15 Lecture 5 Building A13, salle 2
5/III, 16h15 Computer lab 1 CREMI, salle 008
12/III, 16h15 Computer lab 2 CREMI, salle 008
19/III, 16h15 Computer lab 3 CREMI, salle 008
26/III, 16h15 Computer lab 4 CREMI, salle 008
9/IV, 16h15 Computer lab 5 CREMI, salle 008


50% for the project + 50% for the exam

Course materials

After each lecture, the slides will be published here

Exercice sessions



Project assignment:
Project 1. Eternity. Mathieu Verite and Charline Laine
Project 2. Orchestra rehearsal. Thomas Brun and Mario Flores Gomez
Project 3. Stable marriage problem. Ahmad Boissetri Binzagr and Hind El Yadiri
Project 4. Repair shop scheduling Mathilde Jeannès
Project 5. Engine plant scheduling Paul Lartigau
Project 6. Train scheduling -

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